Our focus is to strengthen company culture, elevate service and customer experience while identifying new value.

There is a disconnect behind what customers want, and how brands deliver. That’s where we step in. We help retailers make the right decisions that drive measurable business outcomes.  With a hands- on approach our customized solutions are practical and simple.


Co-founded by Leandra Reid and Krista Raymer, we develop a holistic framework for retail success. We work with your teams to achieve a singular goal: making your business as profitable as possible. We provide insights, ensure your unique points of differentiation are communicated clearly, and address the things your clients see and feel.

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Co Founder  -  The Architect

After working on retail's front line for 10 years I took a leap and opened my boutiques in Cayman Islands. A decade later, I relocated to the big city for a new role in executive retail management for apparel and luxury brands. Before starting Vetrina Group, I was launching a European apparel brand's physical expansion into new markets within Canada, USA and Europe.

My approach is to transform complex strategy and metrics into easy to digest narratives to methodically leverage financial and operational health.

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Co Founder  - The Mentor

After finishing a Masters Degree in Fashion at Ryerson University I was ready to work with retailers to hire better and train more effectively. During my time at Brooks Brothers and Suitsupply I worked with teams from USA, Europe and Canada to improve store performance and develop managers to be leaders.

My approach humanizes the KPI’s and creates authentic team member interactions for successful customer engagements.


Idea Sharing


See the business from your customer's and employee's eyes.

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Solve your challenges with simple actionable processes.


Training & Implementation

Equip you with the skills and tools to grow with confidence.


With an extensive network of retail professionals, and technology solutions, we make complex information easy to digest. We are able to build strategy and solutions that address click to bricks and growing retailer’s pain points.

Culture Awareness

Your space, team and customers are connected through your brand. We help align culture and optimize your people and positioning.

Quality Engagements

We uncover in-store customer attributes, desires and behaviours. We use these to equip your business with the tools to create authentic experiences.

Identifying New Value

Our objective perspectives assess and reveal growth potential. We help develop efficient processes, service practices and optimize performance indicators.


Vetrina Group is constantly innovating new concepts. We move fast, work hard and deliver results.

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